Shall we stop!! Never Stop

The spark of the Syrian revolution started when the Syrian security forces arrested children for drawings on the walls of their school. Since the beginning of 2011 when the revolution started tens of thousands of civilians were killed including women, children, artists, intellectuals and peaceful activists. Hundreds of thousands were detained and millions were displaced.

Art was the first action of this revolution as children were the spark of it and schools were its space. Today the Syrian revolution has an armed conflict side, but does that mean we should then stay away!!? Does that mean our role is over!!? Absolutely not, we have to continue working; we have to keep believing in our roles as civic activists, artists, and intellectuals….. Our role should never be over, schools and arts, peaceful activities and the demands of the revolutions must always be up there for all of us to always remember them. Otherwise we can never say “NO” for weapon using.

The fact that in Syria there are day after day more and more civic activities, but the media focus only on the armed conflict, on the Jihadist, on the chemical weapon, on the civil war….etc.

Almost all observers are not very interested in the art role, in the school’s space, in the civil role, in our role!!! But does that mean we have to stop!!? No, Actually I believe it means we have to work more and more.

Our protesting demands were only two “freedom and dignity” and we will never stop until we get what we always wanted

Our aim was always to live in better conditions and only civil activities will provide that, education and art are probably the most important, they both have two roles during and after the revolution, a weapon might be a way to throw away the regime, but weapons can never re-build, can never provide better conditions, and here we see how important it is our role as students, as artists, as intellectuals. We are the ones who can rebuild the state, we can help in healing the wounds, and we can create ideas to live in a safe, clean and healthy environment. Because these are our Human Rights, because these are how we get our demands, these will get Freedom and dignity for us as human beings.