365 days since the chemical Massacre, but a criminal who committed it still named as “Mr. President”

After over 40 years of the Assad military iron rule, the Syrian revolution sparked when Syrian security forces arrested children for drawing political messages on the walls of their school. Since the beginning of this revolution in 2011, at least 160 000 civilians were murdered, this number continues rising up and it includes women, children, artists, intellectuals and peaceful activists. Hundreds of thousands were illegally detained and tens of thousands are still. Being detained in Syria doesn’t only mean you are in prison but it also mean you are under torture that leads to death in many cases. More than ten millions are today displaced inside Syria or refugees in other countries, a number made Syria number world’s number one in exporting refugees, even though it used to be the 2nd biggest host for refugees.

Art was the first action of this revolution, children were its spark, and schools were its space. One of the daily crimes that Assad’s forces committing which went widely into the media was in August 21, 2013 which is known as “chemical massacre”, more than 6000 fell down that night during few hours, some died, some are still getting medical treatment and having difficulties to live. You probably heard of this chemical uses by Assad’s forces but what else do you know!!? Do you know that Assad’s forces did never stop killing Syrians? Do you know that the same neighborhood that was attacked by chemical weapon is still until now under siege!! hundred of thousands are still there living there under strict military siege, with no regular access to medicine, food, nor drinkable water. The world once sounded to hear the SyrianVoices, Syrians have expected some reactions for their voice, but the world reaction was just another voice says “sorry, or we are worry” but no actions to bring up any change which might help people to live peacefully having their freedom, dignity and justice.



Aleppo the oldest ever city with over 12200 years is being destroyed daily by aimless barrel bombs raining over this city by Assad warplanes, same thing happening in Homs, Dier Elzour, Daraa, all the suburbs of Damascus or anywhere else over Syria’s soil. The horrible news coming from there is daily so it is no longer in the news, but Assad’s crimes are still happening everyday.

Lately an extremists group “ISIS” (IS today) appeared but its safe from Assad’s warplanes. Those extremists who could easily take control suddenly over several cities such as Raqqa without any serious resistance by Assad’s forces (The same like what happened in Iraq when one night was enough for this extremist militia to take control over cities there) so today Syrians have their struggle against two extremist terrorists militias, Assad and ISIS. However we all believe that ISIS was created up by the Syrian, and Iranian intelligence in order to give Assad an excuse to remain in power.

Our message today is simple and clear, we people are struggling for freedom, dignity and justice, we want to have peace which can only be reached when we have our rights as human being respected, when justice is above all, dignity respected by all, and when freedom is our home.

On the anniversary to one of Assad’s crimes “the chemical massacre” and for the memory of 1722 Syrian who were murdered during one night. We believe it is important for you to be informed that we are still living under death tool and people are still under siege. We need to be aware that the world and international community have done nothing to change that, only media speeches with no actions, no end to this suffer. We need to inform you that bullets never kill a dream, even if it kills dreamers. We need you to know that we Syrians will never give up before we have our dreams true, a dreams to have space of freedom we play in, dignity we will be proud of, and justice we will raise always up.

We really need you to know that Syrians are #breathingDeath in order to breath freedom.

“Syrian revolution”

 Do you know

1– Syria has been a cradle of civilization for at least 12,000 years.

– Syria has three cities of the five oldest in the world.

– Syria was the birthplace of the first alphabet in the world.

– Syria is home to the world’s oldest music notation.

– Syria’s capital is the oldest ever capital inhabitant.

2– Women’s rights movement rose up in Syria early 19th century during the Ottoman Empire  occupation, like “Arabic women’s vigilance” association in 1915.

– A Syrian was among women who trekked to Philadelphia for Medical School in 1885.

3– Syrian society played a positive and effective role in politics, before the Assad’s family rule.

– Students, youth, women, journalists have all practiced democracy and participated in building the civil society before Assad’s family rule.

4– Syria became the kingdom of fear then later silence since Hafez Al-assad took control in a coup d’état.

– Hafez Al-Assad ruled Syria after arresting and killing all his comrades in Ba’ath party.

– Tens of thousands were killed and more were detained late 1970s, early 1980s under the name of fighting Muslim brotherhood until Hama massacre in 1982.

5– Syrian constitution was changed to suit Bashar Al-Assad age after his father’s death.

– In March 2011, Syrians rose up their voices for the first time after decades of fear.

– Syrians protested peacefully for over 6 months but Assad’s forces responded only by shooting them.

6– First armed movement in the Syrian revolution was by officers and soldiers who refused to kill peaceful protesters and so defected to protect people.

– After a huge wave of defecting officers and soldiers from the Syrian military forces we had two armies one is Assad’s forces, other is Free Syrian Army

7– The extremist militia named “ISIS or ISIL, IS” didn’t face any real resistance by Assad’s forces.

8– Only Free Syrian Army beside some Kurdish troops are today fighting against this extremist militia.

-Syria used to be the 2nd biggest host for refugees but today its number one exporting refugees.