Bloody peace

The start of movement:
It was not a novel of Darayya, that small town near of Damascus (8km south west), the awareness and civil activities. In 2003, they started their challenge with the Syrian regime by what known as (Darayya’s youth) .there were some active young men arrested after organizing groups to clean the town ,distribute calendars with statement against bribery, peaceful silent demonstrations because of the occupation of Iraq ,calling to boycott the Americans goods ,and other activities that were uncommon at that time in Syria. Before that in 2000, Abdul-Akram Al-Saqa (a religious principal) with some of his students had constructed a local library for reading and culture .it’s name was (Sobol  Al-Salam “means in English ways of peace”)but the national securities had closed it after had become popular.

Revolution of Darayya:

With the successes of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt ,darayya’s youth started discussing with other youth from Al-Tal and Qameshly  (other Syrian towns ) the factions , reasons  and Circumstances that led to falling of top of pyramid in both revolutions and concentrated on the privacy of Syrian situation,  and they continued Periodic meetings with women engage.  And some activities had started to perform activating the role of individuals and makes him appreciate the importance of his role in make the change and reduce his faith on his abilities such as campaigns of boycott cell phones, paper recycle, cleaning Barada river…etc, our youth worked to call for this activities and involved in them. They were aware of the regime’s brutish and his bloody history dealing with any political moves, so their strategies were constrain on reorganize citizens to make peaceful protest with little of civil resistance, claiming for freedom and democracy.  Also, they had their own activities on internet and facebook pages. Some of them had arrested while they were staging a sit-in in front of interior ministry at 16-3-2011, one of arrested actives was a pregnant woman in her 6th moth.  At the same time , since 18-3-2011 (the day that the Syrian revolution was announced to be started in Daraa) the Darayyan’s started their Campaign of writing statements against regime on local schools walls .then, the protests moves exploded in Daray’a ,Homs and Douma which push 100’s youth to demonstrate first time in Friday the 25th march 2011. Since that, the consultations and organizing had been starting to have the first coordination in Darayya chosen by election. It Consisting of five persons , directing the movements and activating it to distribute awareness of peaceful revolution and its values and objectives, constructed her own media office to cover all events could happen in Darayya, it also edited and printed first privet political ,cultural , tactical newspaper (Enab Baladi _ means local grips from our vine) ,and other activities varied to consist of lots of necessary economical, social, medical , cultural fields. It also secures and coordinates aides (In-kind and financial) to reach  arrester’s and martyr’s families, and contributes of offering the medical field of treatment , rescues and aids for injured in wounded, and finally notates and documents all revolution events and all what happened

Other peaceful activities :

In addition to demonstrating and distributing protest papers and statements on walls , Darayya’s youth coordinate with other peaceful groups outdoor such as freedom days youth to rename Darayya’s streets to be named of martyrs of revolution and calling and involving the public strikes.

The first Darayya’s martyrs:

They have fallen in the great Friday the 22nd of April 2011. They were Ammar Mahmoud , Walid Kholani , Almo’taz Bellah Alshaar . Their death made all Darayya mourn three days, and more than 50000 mourners.

Revolution detained:

Thousands of Darayyans have been detained since the beginning of the revolution , as a try to reduce and end its movement. There were no exceptions . the regime detained national  figures ,academicians , member of coordination of Darayya most of them still in jails ,  and also children ,young girls and pupils.

Women roles in dignity Revolution in Darayya :

Women in Darayya shared men in everything including revaluating. First of all , they were near their men staging a sit-in in front of interior ministry in 16-3-2011 and one of them arrested. Then, They share men all peaceful movement specially dangerous  demonstrations in Fridays which faced with cursing , shooting ,and even call them to the Air Force Intelligence and forced them to sign pledges not to go out to demonstrate against régime .Darayya’s women involved the revolution and worked to support  peaceful movement by presents gifts and flowers  in holy  events for Detainees families ,freedom candles , distribute Awareness papers , calling to sit-in , they also wrote signs and  gave aid and even rescued some youth to not get arrested .This link is for one of Darayya’s women demonstrations:

Giath Matar :

Giath matar was one of Darayya’s activists killed by regime forces during arrest because of torture.
He participated organizing freedom demonstrations in Darayya 2011. He was known and famous because he was present flowers and water for security and military forces during demonstrations. he was arrested 6-9-2011 by trap made by Syrians forces ,they arrested Mae’n Shorbajy who was brother of Yahya Shorbajy one of Syrian activists and forced him to call his brother and told him that he had been wounded .so, Yahya with Giath went directly to the specific place to found the security forces waiting them. In Saturday the 10th of September 2011 Giath’s body was sent back to his family and they immediately prepared his funeral which attended by thousands and one of them was killed that day during it. After that a great Consolation was made for him attended by many foreign Ambassadors. Giath Matar has a son that he didn’t see since he was killed before his son birthday, his son was named after him “also Giath matar”.

Giath Matar’s mother wrote : “I will pay my life to discover your secret .. you  are a life secret .. a holy secret .. I believe that god reward your truthful. Was real honest. I can’t understand what made Sameeh Shkair sing for you. And what made 50 French persons put your photo on their instruments and create a symphony called the bulbul for Giath Matar and send me Condolences …and what made Asala (well known Syrian singer) and Malas twins no to forget you when they said to the regime (you presented your bomb ,and we presented Giath Matar) …I am very proud of you. Proud that I had hold you 9 months and  I did stayed for your comfort … lets trill for the bridegroom  Giath .. my son .. I am writing by my tears I believe you feel of me. Miss you .. miss your most pure and beautiful smile at all universe .

Roses and water:

This idea applied few weeks ago ,when lots of military forces and local securities surrounded Darayya specifically the place of demonstrates . Darayya’s young men presented water bottles with flowers and papers written on them “we are all Syrians…why are you killing us “. Darayya’s youth including a young man called “Islam” put this thing in the red line separating between them and armies. Islam holding the responsibility   of reaches the massage, he started a conversation with them and told them about goals of peaceful revolution to stop killing and start new civilian country .finally the soldiers Responded to him. Yehya (another man) is not sure if the soldiers drank this water or not. But he is sure that most of demonstrators could go back safe to their homes that day.

Next Friday , Islam Aldabag consist on override the redline and present the water and rose directly to affect solders whom came to kill and to force meet him closely .he disappeared with his roses , and he still arrested in a cell of Air Force Intelligence prison.


If the Municipal does not do its job, youth are here:
In New cultural initiative and renewed, Darayya’s activists invited people to campaign called “If the Municipal does not do its job, youth are hear ” in order to clean the town and made it better after it suffered of Willful neglect . Most of Darayya’s citizens and shops owners involved in The first phase of the campaign (30-31 July -1 August ) side by side to free army’s elements .

The Campaign was quite welcome by inhabitants and significant reaction from shopkeepers who have assisted young people. As some of them volunteered to provide some of the necessary tools and the necessary mechanisms for collecting garbage and rinse the streets (Turks, agricultural vehicle, and water tanks). It seemed satisfaction and pleasure on the faces of inhabitants who reassured about the future of the city in the presence of the likes of these young.



The horrible Massacre of Darayya: 
It was the biggest Massacre happened in Syria since the revolution has gut start. Death smell was everywhere because of 673 persons (and maybe more) had been killed by regime forces with little international attention and Condemnation except some British word described it as (Inhumanity). Syrian human rites announced that hundred bodies have been founded in Darayya next to Damascus (Syrian capital) when the forces or regime had stormed it after Violent clashes with opposition forces since last Tuesday. Between those dead
“9 persons founded near Omar Bn Al Khatab mosque in Darayya”.
According to Syrian human right they were 320 dead since Tuesday, in addition to 34 persons killed the last Saturday.
More than that, inhabitants found 14 additional bodies had been field executed founded in a building basement, they killed by regime forces too.
The Observatory added that about 200 of martyr’s name were documented
including women ,children , youths ‘men , and Rebel fighters from the Brigades in the town that saw Heavy shelling and violent clashes and executions field after intrusion .many photos and videos Broadcasted by media for murders pieces including children and women wear tradition clothes Claiming that they were ” Terrorist gangs”.





Darayya ‘s peace and sharing life:

The Darayya’s youth protected many public facilities and government institutions from sabotage by a human wall created by the demonstrators themselves .this was one of the most important ideas that tried to establish the principle of non-violence between security forces and demonstrators and published it between demonstrators themselves. fireing tires and throwing stones at security disputable in activists’ discussions, it has been one considers such acts as a provocation to the soldiers . people of Darya participated in the funeral and condolence martyrs of other regions and send material aid to the people of the affected areas and receive displaced residents of Homs, to promote civil peace between regions .not  forgotten   that since the beginning of the revolution Darayya’s churches bells rang to mourn the martyrs of the demonstrations.

 One of Darayya’s martyrs:

Ahmad Adnan Ranko …maybe no body recognizes this name but if you walked in the streets and lanes of Darayyya, you will smell his smell everywhere. He was a martyr wrote  by his hands revolution phrases on the walls of Darya and chanted demanding freedom and injustice in all Darayya’s Neighborhoods and entrances …he Is a martyr who mourned dozens of martyrs ..he was Martyr who reject violence and murder by words he said to someone asked him to take up arms (my voice and my writings are my gun) .Ahmed was a student at the Faculty of Economics Second Year Engaged in the revolutionary movement since the outbreak of the revolution and participated in most demonstrations against Syrian regime .he contributed to the various forms of the revolutionary movement (squirt – the distribution of leaflets – visit the people of the martyrs and detainees, etc.). Ahmed has been killed in 24/08/2012 after being hit by shrapnel And his body left Syria, but his name and his spirit will remain forever anniversary.

Salute to the pure soul … The hero martyr Ahmed Andnan Rnko .


Darayya’s children:

Children of Darrya Waited the same fate of Houle ‘s children, their parents could not make them feel no fear because that  everyone knows (children  and parents) that the regime they came out against it is death creator. Perhaps this girl who raised a banner inscribed with “they killed hula ‘s children, Homs is not far of Darayya, O Lord, upholding the revolution before my turn is com”,

Summed up all what could  be said.

this banner was raised weeks ago, today as we are talking, I am sorry but I can not assure to you if this little girl is still alive or not, but probably not, since hundreds of children were killed in one of the biggest massacres that happened in Syria.