Abd El-Basset El-Sarout. Syrian Voice

Abd El-Basset El-Sarout

Abd El-Basset El-Sarout

Abd El-Basset El-Sarout, the Karameh football club goalkeeper, the Syrian revolution singer, the demonstration leader, and one or the leader of the Bayada armed troop
Today El-Sarout is called the Revolution keeper or the revolution bulbul (Bulbul is a sort of the birds)

Report on Aljazeera about El-sarout:

El-Sarout is in his early 20s now, wanted by the Assad forces since 2011 because of his songs that could break the walls of fear till the sound could reach the Assad palace.

Elsarout denies the security charges against him to be a salfeist and announce that he is part of the revolution of freedom:

 E-Sarout was most known as a leader of the protests and demonstration in Homs and wherever he is the protestors dance sing and I could say fly high with his songs.
leading a demonstration:




when the demonstration is over the songs are never over, the voice is always up and El-Sarout never stopped Singing even at home:

El-Sarout wasn’t only leading demonstration in Homs, but he could lead by his voice and sould too many demonstrations in many places

Leading demonstration in Daraa but from Homs:


El-Sarout was twice wounded, needed medical treatment and his house was totally destroyed, but he never agreed to leave his city Homs
once he was wonder as the Arab observers were visiting Homs, El-Sarout was wounded as he was trying to help those who were injured:

Leading demonstrations wasn’t  the only role of El-Sarout but he used also to visit the failed hospitals and patients there almost everyday or whenever he has the chance to do so:

 Two of El-Sarout brothers were murdered earlier during the revolution, first by the end of 2011, and then the other in the beginning of 2013, till yesterday (9-01-2014) when all the Baydaya troop or as Syrians used to call “El-Sarout troop” was attacked as they were trying to sneak some flour to the old city of Homs which has been under the siege for many months now as a result of this attack 62 people were killed among them other two brothers of El-Sarout.

Abd El-Basset El-Sarout

Abd El-Basset El-Sarout

El-Sarout was always a voice of those revolutionaries on the ground, never aimed to be a star in the media but was always a sun in the revolutionaries’ hearts, and will always remain.


Abd El-Basset El-Sarout

Abd El-Basset El-Sarout