One question only must be answered!

by shadialshhadeh

What is going on in Syria!!?
A question that has been asked million of times in the past few months, no one could find the real direct and right answer for it.

How can I help Syrians!!?
Another question that has been asked thousands of times in the past few months, still there are different answers not one answer for it.

What do you think is going to happen in Syria!!?
one more question I heard hundreds of time recently, still I could never guess or tell, I could never find the right full answer for it.

Thinking of all these questions leaded me to the first question I heard since the great Syrian revolution started… to realize that all the questions will not be answered until the first question is.

A question was asked by a very dear person to me.

Why for God’s sake you’re shooting him!!!!?”
In the 23rd of March 2011 as thousands of Syrians were Marching to Daraa the Syrian city which was surrounded by the Syrian security and military force, The Security force suddenly and unexpectedly started to shoot at a peaceful civil marching.
Nidal Fares El-Haj Ali jumped screaming and saying “why for God’s sake are you shooting at him!!!!?”
No one yet answered his question, but anyway Nidal did not have a chance to wait for the answer because right when he asked this question, a bullet found its way to his head to end his life and take him back to his family with no life in his body.

Perhaps the “Syrian” security men believe that guns have answers for every possible question, so that guy who shot him assumed that the bullet is the answer.

Tens of people were killed that day… each of has family friends neighbours, each had a life that was suddenly taken.

Tens of families were emotionally killed that day when they heard of the death or saw the body of their son,father,brother..etc every family member asked the same question every one said ““Why for God’s sake you’re shooting him!!!!?”
Al-assad’s force killed tens of young Syrians that day, then Al-Assad his self in his first speech killed them again by his disappointment speech that he announced in the 29th of March, when started his speech laughing and smiling instead of announcing a moment of silence, when the Parliament members started greeting to this “great” president, clapping for him cheering and show all the possible loyalty to Al-Assad as a person, until one of the Parliament members stood up to say “Mr. president, leading Syria or the Arabic world is not enough for you, you must lead the entire world Mr. president” instead of asking the him “what happened in Daraa?”

In this speech every family was killed again every son and daughter mother and father…

Al-assad killed us personally this time and he did not answer people’s question, thousands or tens of thousands are already killed now, as at the same time millions of Syrians are dying every day for a reason or another.

Al-Assad his self could not deny what happened in Daraa although he said its only individual mistakes but still we have not hear of any trial for any individual (assuming what Al-Assad said about the individual mistakes is true).

Al-Assad said there will be investigations and trials but here we are over fifteen month after that day and we still have not witness any trial.

The Syrian revolution is over fifteen months now, over 15 000 civilian were killed during this 15 months, over 150 000 are now arrested, over 150 000 wounded and injured, and over 1 500 000 fled their homes

Fifteen months and no one yet answered Nidal’s question. The question of every family lost one of its members.

The Syrian situation is very clear from its first day, people fed up of not having any sort of freedom, people were tired of being controlled by the security department, people, people wanted their rights, their freedom, their dignity, people wanted to be exist to feel it, people were tired of not feeling their existences.

Al-Assad and his security worked from the very first moment to make that look like if it is not visible and not clear, Al-Assad and his force tried from the first day to drive the situation to such a place to make it complicated to make it understandable to make it difficult. So you look at it and stair thinking what is going on!!? waste the time of thinking what can I do!! and then wonder what will happen.
All these questions will give Al-Assad time to kill more and more people hopping that bullets, tanks, rockets, or any kind of force would kill the revolution.

But No, this revolution was started for a reason and will never be stopped until it gets its aim of freedom and dignity.

Al-Assad’s mistake was when he thought that the guns he has are more powerful than people’s power.

He forgot that there is no power over people’s power.

Before you ask any of these questions, please wait for a moment to remember that the Syrian situation was very clear, and what people wanted was very fair then you would know that the only criminal here is Al-Assad’s regime.

Ask this question to every one “Why for God’s sake you’re shooting him!!!!?”

by thinking of this question you would know which side you must choose to back up and who are you supposed to fight against.